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Viaggiamonline .. questa settimana vi presento la Finlandia


In this week I tried to present Finland through a large photo gallery .. I hope I have aroused in you the desire of Finland or the right nostalgia to come back to it
If so, it will be .. have a good trip!
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In questa settimana ho cercato di presentare attraverso una nutrita galleria fotografica la Finlandia .. spero di aver suscitato in voi la voglia di Finlandia o la nostalgia giusta per tornarci.
Se così sarà .. buon viaggio!
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Finland, the country of a thousand lakes can be considered the largest national park in the world.
In the country at the top of the world, surrounded by a disruptive nature you will have the opportunity to live an unforgettable holiday, driving in the car side by side with the reindeers that move free on the territory or stopping to admire the incredible spectacle of nature that is the midnight sun
Then in the winter months, in an atmosphere of absolute peace there is a crystalline air.
But Finland is not just nature, it is also culture and tradition, just think of Lapland that will welcome you with its immense spaces and its Sami people, dressed in the characteristic colorful costumes.
And then do not forget that in the heart of Lapland right on the Arctic Circle Santa Claus lives, waiting for you in his highly efficient village of Rovaniemi.
It is a country to be seen and enjoyed especially in the summer, but the Finnish winter has a very special charm that manages to amaze you.