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Born in Savona, journalist and author, he began his journalistic activity in the world of the sea, becoming a great connoisseur of the organizational aspects of fishing and making several reports of great interest..
He has deliberately drawn fishing tourism and travel in his writings.
He has often been involved in his work in the Nordic countries and in particular of Ireland and Finland, countries of which he is a great connoisseur.
Member of the National Order of Journalists and of the S.I.A.E.
Among his best known songs there is “RUNNING” written with Binda and Fazio (both prematurely dead) which was the final theme of the television program WITHOPENMOUTH with Gianfranco Funari
He usually signs his work with his real name and surname, but he does not disdain to sometimes use his pseudonym Doubleg.
He has collaborated in several Italian and foreign specialized magazines and has designed and directed the magazines : Fishing sport &Travel and   ViaggiareinEuropa and Travel in Europe, the latter was among the first to also have the on-line version.
His ” Guide to Finland ” and ” Guide to Ireland ” were published by Travelpress
In 2018 he published the book of poems ” Un soffio di ventoA breath of wind ” in Italian / English.
His books are published by: R.C.S. Libri, Fabbri, Sonzogno, De Vecchi editore, Sperling & Kupfer.

He does not like umbrellas and personal photos (while on the contrary he loves photography) that give a sense of sadness, he prefers to look forward and not back because true memories are those that you carry inside.

His passions are: traveling, traditional cuisine, naive painting, Scandinavian noir.

Give up everything to move to: Dublin and Helsinki (fifty-fifty, six months in Ireland and the other six in Finland).

At the moment he lives in Cuneo

“An honest person lives in peace and does not pounce on things. A person of little value can not find peace, but wherever it goes, it creates problems and conflicts with everything”
Yamamoto Tsunemoto – HAGAKURE, the secret book of the Samurai

I believe the correct definition of journalist is: “he who does not let himself be intimidated by the conflictual relationship between press and power”.

Naif is born, it is not a style but a state of mind … a way of seeing the world.

The deep roots do not freeze

Live as if you were to die immediately, think as if I should never die

You never get old   around a dining table

” For those who want to see them there are flowers everywhere ” by Henri Matisse

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His latest book “Un soffio di vento – A breath of wind” published in Italian / English

un giornalista in viaggio che non sopporta gli ombrelli

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