Born in Savona ( Italy) journalist and author

He lived in Rome and Milan at the moment he lives in Cuneo

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“An honest person lives in peace and does not pounce on things. A person of little value can not find peace, but wherever it goes, it creates problems and conflicts with everything”
Yamamoto Tsunemoto – HAGAKURE, the secret book of the Samurai

I believe the correct definition of journalist is: “he who does not let himself be intimidated by the conflictual relationship between press and power”.

Naif is born, it is not a style but a state of mind … a way of seeing the world.

The deep roots do not freeze

Live as if you were to die immediately, think as if I should never die

You never get old  around a dining table


un giornalista in viaggio che non sopporta gli ombrelli

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