A breath of wind by Giuseppe Genta


It’s in the bookshop “A breath of windUn soffio di vento
the new book of poems by Giuseppe Genta
The book is in English and in Italian
It can be purchased in paper format in the bookstores of your city or in the main online Web Stores, in this case you will receive it at home after a few days, always online you can buy the ebook version


This collection of love poems tells of a journalist in love with Finland (a poem is dedicated to Helsinki ) who finds in this magnificent country not only landscapes of rare beauty but also the right feeling  to restart a heart that had lost all hope of still loving

And when you fall asleep hugging a pillow wet with tears, you realize how great Love can be, and that the strength that a Love can have and give is immense

Inside the book there is everything that a woman would like to be told, all you need to dream and that may seem trivial, but which in reality is not trivial, because a love poem is never just love and it has not only one meaning, but it can have many, one for each reader

These are the main online WEB Stores where you can buy a paper book
IN MONDADORI store online
La Feltrinelli store online
Libreria RIZZOLI
HOEPLI online

These are some of the international online Web Stores where you can buy the ebook

Amazon Kindle Store  ( Amazon.com  Amazon.it  Amazon.co.uk )
Apple Ibook Store
Google Play Store
Librerie ebook italiane
Street Lib
La Feltrinelli
Liberia Rizzoli

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